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EECAR Corp believes in performance with responsibility. Providing a safe work enviroment with proper equipment and adequate training to ensure every subcontractor is prepared to work safely. We require compliance with established rules and procedures and to follow practices that result in safe working conditions.​

We mark our difference from larger general contracting companies

in that the owner and partner are still actively working on the field

and helping oversee the projects on a daily basis. We work closely with

the owner, architect and engineer, resulting in significant

savings in both cost and time


EECAR Corporation has assembled an amazing building team focused on quality and production. We continuously strive to develop a broad subcontractor base in the Bay Area including Santa Cruz and the surrounding counties. All Our Jobs are up to current OSHA safety standards and are kept extremely neat and clean.

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EECAR Corporation is a full service General Contractor. We specialize in commercial and residential production projects, along with retrofits, remodels and custom home projects.

EECAR Corporation is a family owned construction firm. Efficient, cost effective construction development projects are what we specialize in. Adaptability is the key factor in our trade; we have been able to adapt our operations to our growing needs, our client requirements and the market conditions. We know how value and efficiency dictates current market conditions.